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4G LTE Fixed Wireless Voice & Data

|4G LTE Fixed Wireless Voice & Data

When Wired Just Won’t Work

Fast, Reliable Internet and Phone in Your Area

Easily install Inseego broadband internet and phone solutions for your home or business when cable, DSL, fiber or other wired services aren’t an option.

T2000 Wireless Home Phone

Crystal-Clear HD Voice Home Phone Solution

Enjoy clear local and long distance telephone service with all the features you’d expect on a landline. Caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, call holding, three-way calling, TTY-TDD, voicemail and E911 are all enabled on the T2000. With an integrated battery, phone calls can be made during power outages. Includes support for fax and security systems.

Simply plug in your corded or cordless phone, use your own home phone number or set up a new one. It’s also portable, so if you’re heading to a vacation home or work site, you can take it with you.

Available through these mobile network operators*:

T2000 Wireless Home Phone

T1114 Wireless Broadband Internet and Voice

Powerful, All-in-One 4G LTE Data and Crystal-Clear Voice

With our 4G LTE broadband router with Voice-over-LTE, you can make calls on your home phone and access high-speed Internet on up to 10 Wi-Fi and 3 Ethernet devices, simultaneously. There’s no need for a separate landline. It’s the perfect all-in-one solution for voice and data in your home, small office, remote work station and even a travel stop.

T1114 Wireless Broadband Internet and Voic

What You Get

Make Calls During Power Outage

Support for Fax and Security Systems

Reliable Access Without a Landline

Use Cases

  • Home Internet
  • Home Phone
  • Vacation Home
  • Small Business
  • Temporary Work site
  • Kiosk
  • Failover
  • Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)


E911 / aGPS

Operating Temp

-10 to 55 °C

Easy Install