Some of the most exciting use cases for 5G also just happen to be in the most exciting places – where people gather together for big, live events.


Until now, these large crowds have usually meant crowded airwaves – not only for spectators who want to share their selfies and live videos, but also for the broadcasters and production crews providing live coverage of these events.

Today’s new 5G networks are changing the game for professional cameramen and broadcast teams. By providing ultra-fast data speeds, low latency and wireless mobility, 5G live streaming now makes it possible to cover events from every angle — whether it’s on the field of an NFL game or backstage at a music festival.

By connecting cameramen (and their 8K video feeds) to their production teams – instantly – our 5G MiFi mobile hotspots are providing the critical link for all kinds of incredible events. Last fall, we connected cameramen on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards and the new Stars Wars movie premiere. This year, we’ve made appearances at Super Bowl Live and elsewhere.

This is just one “behind-the-scenes” example of how new 5G devices (in this case, mobile hotspots) can help enhance user experiences. While live spectators will experience this new world through Jumbotrons, smartphones and even smart glasses with augmented reality (AR), consumers watching at home will also enjoy a much richer visual experience thanks to 5G.