– from Inseego CEO Dan Mondor

Everyone’s talking about 5G these days, but many people see it through a narrow lens as just another “step” on the wireless technology ladder.

Of course, it’s actually a quantum leap forward in communications, enabling 100x capacity, multigigabit speeds and virtually zero latency.

But 5G isn’t just about breakthrough tech specs. What makes it so revolutionary is also the vast ecosystem of new partners it’s connecting, across a broader range of industries than ever before.

Let’s look at this expanding landscape from two perspectives: (1) the explosion of devices now being enabled by 5G and (2) the new partnerships being formed in order to bring new 5G use cases to market.

Connecting everything

After four generations of wireless evolution — from brick phones to flip phones to smartphones — it’s easy to see why people might expect the same kind of incremental advances with 5G.

But 5G isn’t just about upgrading your phone. It’s about connecting a wide array of devices — laptops, tablets, TVs, audio systems, cameras, cars, kiosks, drones, streetlights, traffic lights … you name it. They’re all driving an exploding demand for data that only 5G can meet.

Case in point: Consider that video now comprises about 70 percent of global mobile network data traffic — which recently surpassed 100 exabytes per month (that’s 100 followed by 18 zeroes!) — and the demand for mobile data is accelerating rapidly.

How many times do we all get frustrated by slow downloads or a frozen streaming video? The honest answer is, pretty much all the time. Imagine how much more video will be consumed with a better experience — like smoother video streaming (at high-res!) and lag-free VR/AR gaming sessions. These experiences will drive even bigger data appetites, creating a virtuous cycle that will take us to zettabytes followed by yottabytes on mobile networks powered by 5G.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Add on the new wave of emerging devices that 5G is now fueling, including industrial robotics and other devices on the edge.

From power lines to pipelines to point-of-sale systems, 5G is connecting the infrastructure of many industries, funneling mission-critical data from clusters of sensors through powerful 4G and 5G IIoT gateways to the cloud for remote monitoring, control and business intelligence.

That’s why 5G matters so much.

Connecting everyone

But before we can connect “everything to everything,” we need to connect everyone with everyone by enabling every company with the imagination and foresight to implement new 5G solutions: OEMs, developers, integrators, platform providers, enterprise customers, government entities, channel partners and others.

Just look at some of the companies (including a few you haven’t heard of yet) that are joining the 5G ecosystem. They’re creating new experiences in entertainment, shopping, and gaming … training, maintenance and remote repairs … assistive technology and telemedicine … smart farms, smart grids, smart factories, smart cities and more.

  • Disney’s StudioLab is exploring new theatrical experiences like interactive characters, location-based experiences and AR/MR experiences.
  • Qwake Tech is developing a platform that improves visibility for first responders, using edge detection, object recognition and real-time wireless connectivity.
  • Evercoast, a computer vision and 3D sensing software company, is turning people into holograms in real time for shopping, gaming, training and telemedicine.
  • Aira, a San Diego startup, is connecting blind and visually impaired individuals wearing smart glasses to agents with an AR dashboard to provide remote assistance in navigating busy streets, shopping and recognizing medications.
  • Streem, an AR/VR startup, is working to enable remote repairs and customer support for home appliances and other devices.

It’s not just entertainment and AR pioneers tapping into 5G. It’s also real estate developers, airports, shipping ports and smart city planners all over the world. It’s asset managers for energy and utility companies. It’s logistics managers for transports. It’s anyone and everyone who wants to leverage this transformational technology.

At Inseego, we’re thrilled to be partnering with organizations of all shapes and sizes to deliver 5G experiences across every domain.

We’re also proud to be paired up with the best strategic partners in the industry to make the promise of 5G a reality. Read on to learn how leading 5G tech and telecom companies are collaborating to lay the foundations of this powerful platform.

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