– from Inseego CEO Dan Mondor


In part 1 of this article, I talked about the expanding, far more “horizontal” ecosystem that 5G is spawning. But vertical integration is still the beating heart of the wireless industry, and of course, that means close collaboration between the carrier, infrastructure & test equipment providers, technology & component suppliers, device makers and channel partners.

At Inseego, we design and develop our products in the USA and partner with leading companies around the world to deliver our best-in-class MiFi mobile hotspots, fixed wireless routers and IIoT modems, routers & gateways.

Designed, built, tested and deployed with world-class partners

Our product development process starts with understanding the wants and needs of both wireless carriers and their customers (the end users of our devices), whether they’re consumers, business users or enterprise IoT networks. Working closely with leading 5G carriers (including every major North American wireless operator and dozens of international operators in EMEA and APAC), we keep a finger on the pulse of all these markets so that we can deliver products with just the right form, functionality and features.

When it’s time to design and build, we develop and incorporate only the best technology, including chipsets from Qualcomm, who we’ve worked with — early and closely — for visibility into the 5G roadmap. We’ve also teamed up with them (and other partners) for many live demonstrations, including a telemedicine demo using our 5G MiFi device — the first true 5G NR mobile hotspot in the U.S. at the time.

As with any technology rollout, ensuring interoperability between the network and connected devices is crucial. Our close relationships with infrastructure vendors Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung as well as test equipment providers Rohde & Schwarz, Anritsu and KeySight Technologies help ensure that our products comply with all relevant specifications, meet or exceed operator requirements, and work flawlessly when they’re introduced into the commercial network.

New IIoT partnerships serving many vertical markets

On the IIoT side of our business, we’ve also partnered with industry leaders like Cisco Meraki and Riverbed, who integrate our Skyus IIoT modems, gateways and routers into their products and platforms for enterprise customers. As the Industrial IoT market advances from 4G to 5G, Inseego is leading the way with future-ready devices, delivered through our growing network of channel partners which includes leading distributors like SYNNEX and Arrow Electronics, and dozens of resellers.

At Inseego, building strong partnerships is a part of our DNA. It allows us to plan and build the types of products the market wants, using the best available technology, delivered through the best service providers and channel partners. We’re proud to be among the elite group of companies, who help to position us — quite uniquely — on the leading edge of the industry.

Partnerships are indeed the new currency of the 5G era.

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