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Transformative IoT in Aviation

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Creating Smarter Airports with GSE Asset Management Technology

Airports are comprised of some of the most expensive assets in any industry with one of the highest operating costs. With an increasing passenger growth reaching the billions each year, airport operations have become paramount. And thus, the need for reliable asset management and tracking solutions has become ever more present.

Inseego recognized the importance of IoT in aviation and developed an aviation asset management solution, specifically designed to address the key challenges faced by the airline industry.

The innovative aviation asset tracking platform is an integrative, user-friendly IoT device-to-cloud management solution that consists of tools for asset usage, condition, maintenance schedules and automatic billing for multiple users.

Inseego’s aviation management solution is trusted by two of the world’s largest airlines, deployed in two of the worlds busiest airports, and trusted by an ecosystem that is held to the strictest security and safety standards in addition to tight budgets.

Optimize Utilization

Analyze Real-Time Actionable Data
Maximize Ground Equipment Efficiency
Decrease TCO of GSE Fleets
Eliminate Unscheduled Downtimes
Increase Asset Visibility
Decrease Operational Expenditures
Increase Existing Asset Utilization

Pioneers in IoT for Aviation

Since the beginning, Inseego has provided IoT and asset tracking services that save thousands of hours of productivity.

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Whitepaper: GSE Tracking & Visibility

Check out our latest whitepaper on how to achieve cost savings and efficiencies through GSE tracking and visibility.

The Impact of IoT on Aviation

While the use of IoT in aviation is still in its infancy, Inseego has been at the forefront of cutting-edge airport fleet management solutions since the beginning. And it’s safe to say, it’s made an impact.

Intelligent GSE mobility with IoT enhances every aspect of the aviation journey. Inseego GSE asset tracking helped one of the largest global airlines save over 2,000 hours of lost productivity a year.

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A bright future for IoT in Aviation Industry

Endless opportunities for IoT in aviation

As passenger demand and airport fleets increase, uses of IoT will continue to grow – effectively, changing the aviation and aerospace industry as we know it. IoT will be used to further personalize passenger experience with timely alerts and mobile baggage tracking. And as IoT continues to be adopted, operational efficiencies will drastically improve with the implementation of predictive maintenance updates and enhanced analysis of data.

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