Corporate Citizenship

At Inseego Corp., we are committed to sustainability and conducting business consistent with the highest ethical standards. Our sustainability program helps to support our corporate mission to be a leading provider of intelligent wireless solutions for the Internet of Things, strengthen our customers’ efforts to improve their environmental and social impacts as well as our own, minimize risk in our supply chain, and encourage innovation in our products. We have an obligation to our employees, our stockholders, our customers and suppliers, business partners and community to be honest, fair and forthright in all our business activities. As a company, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, and to avoiding adverse impact and injury to the environment and the communities in which we do business. Our employees take pride in compliance with environmental, health and safety laws, regulations, and company standards. We conduct business with suppliers who demonstrate a strong commitment to the Inseego corporate citizenship principles. We partner with suppliers who ensure their working conditions are safe, their workers are treated with respect and dignity, and their business operations are environmentally responsible. We have a commitment to environmental responsibility. From our retail packaging and literature, to the materials used to manufacture our devices, we ensure our suppliers are compliant with stringent environmental requirements. It is our belief that continuously striving to protect our environment by utilizing sustainable resources is everyone’s responsibility.  View a copy of our Environmental Policy. We are proud to publicly disclose our sustainability commitments and accomplishments by publishing this Corporate Citizenship webpage as well as our 2015 Sustainability Report and a Disclosure Statement for the California Supply Chains Act (SB657).  Our CDP Supply Chain 2014 Information Request questionnaire is available at the CDP website. Click here for the 2015 Sustainability Report Click here for the Disclosure Statement of the California Supply Chains Act (SB657)

UN Global Compact (UNGC) The UNGC is a strategic policy initiative for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. While we have aligned to many of these Ten Principles for some time, we decided to become an official participant because we see value in helping to build a more sustainable global economy, aligning to our industry’s sustainability efforts, and bolstering our corporate sustainability program. We will complete our first UNGC Communication on Progress (COP) report in 2016.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions We measure our greenhouse gas (GHG) annually because the process it forms the basis of a strong sustainability program and raises internal awareness. Given that we outsource all our manufacturing needs and only occupy a small number of facilities, we have limited ability to reduce our emissions consumption in a meaningful way. However, we think it is important to demonstrate progress in reducing our environmental footprint. As such, we established an absolute GHG emission reduction goal equal to 10% of our 2014 Scope 2 emissions (electricity consumption). We achieved our goal by purchasing offsets for a total of 73 tonnes of CO2e emissions through These funds will help to support renewable energy projects, energy efficiency projects, and reforestation.

Conflict Minerals
Click here for the Inseego Corp. Conflict Minerals Policy
Click here for the Inseego Corp. 2019 Conflict Minerals Report

Reporting Concerns.
Inseego is committed to promoting high standards of ethical business conduct and compliance with financial and accounting standards and applicable laws, rules and regulations.  We provide a framework for employees, business partners and others with whom we do business to come forward and communicate concerns about Inseego’s compliance with such standards.

If you wish to report a concern, you may do so by using our third party compliance website located at and following the instructions to report online, or by telephone at (866) 384-4277.

All submissions will be handled confidentially and addressed by Inseego’s Chairman of the Audit Committee.  Your concern may be submitted anonymously and without fear of dismissal or retaliation.  Your privacy will be protected.