Project Description

DMS: Accurate, Easy Telecom Inventory Management for Businesses

Accuracy. It matters in every way, particularly when it comes to the complex telecom inventory management of the Enterprise customer.

Centralized Control

Inseego’s DMS procure-to-pay system works to provide robust behind-the-scenes, centralized control of assets and devices. Good telecom inventory management reduces the need for individual tracking and coordination of physical assets and service agreements. With the DMS P2P system, enterprise-level billing integration, invoice management, approved rate plans, and approved devices can all be efficiently automated.

Personalized Experience

If it is desired, the catalogs that employees buy from can be set up as branded portals, so customers have a seamless purchasing experience and never know they are using an external catalog. When employees shop the vendor catalog (which is the DMS system), DMS can automatically convert items they placed in their shopping cart into lines on a requisition order. DMS automatically matches requests for quotes (RFQs) to purchase orders (POs), and accounts to invoices and inventory information. This means less errors in ordering because the customer only sees approved items, and purchasing managers receive the correct product information (product ID, name, price, and so on) along with an easily traceable trail of transactions and approvals.

Informed Decision Making

For large-scale businesses that may span geographic regions, the business may be dealing with multiple mobile service providers both domestically and internationally. The more a business knows about its mobile assets and how those are used, the better prepared they are to make the right decisions on asset management.

Customized Dashboards

And asset management doesn’t just mean knowing who has what. Key points are knowing if a device is being underutilized or if it is acquiring overage charges. Asset managers need to know when purchasing contracts expire, what customer support is requested and why, and when invoices are paid. This information and more is available to both the business and the customer in an easy-to-understand dashboard.

Seamless Bridge Between Carriers and Customers

Inseego’s DMS is a behind the scenes partner, providing a bridge from the Carrier’s services to the Enterprise customer’s needs. On the Enterprise side, DMS seamlessly manages and traces POs, RFQs, and inventory. For the Carrier, DMS ensures that only approved, accurate and up-to-date information is displayed regarding inventory and purchase approvals.

With DMS working as a bridge between Carriers and their Enterprise customers, both sides get the information and services they need, in a transparent and traceable way and with clear, approved workflows and audit trails for policy compliance.


  • Automatic maps of company SKUs to approved Carrier products
  • Automated ordering portal for wireless devices and accessories
  • Customized online catalogues with approved devices and rate plans
  • Tailored work and ordering flows
  • Audit trails for compliance management
  • Documentation of transactional records and approval chains
  • Configurable user roles and permissions

Support Materials

DMS Sales Sheet


DMS Whitepaper