Project Description

DMS: Government telecom management has never been easier

Your government customer’s complex needs require a robust government telecom management tool.

Simplified and Streamlined Control

Government customers have an increased need for compliance assurance, in-depth reporting, accurate inventory tracking, and real-time usage data. Let your customers know that you can simplify and streamline their most pressing telecom contract management needs with a mobile management system that understands those needs.

All-In-One Operational Efficiency

With DMS, tier-1 carriers receive everything they need to offer customers exceptional managed mobility. Customers can access catalogs for pre-approved devices and rate plans, place orders, view and pay invoices, access payment history, process upgrades, and more, with less touch-points than ever.

We help carriers increase operational efficiency and mitigate the risks of government non-compliance, while also managing the selection, deployment, and spend of an organization’s wireless assets. For instance, for purchases and ordering, DMS automatically maps to the Contract Line Item Number, providing transparency to the customer and reducing risk for the carrier with an always-auditable paper trail that reconciles carrier classifications systems with government line-item codes.

Customized For You

DMS’s self-management tools and customized portals support multiple tier-1 carriers and device types to automate orders and process real-time usage, transactions, and customer-care requests.


  • Automated ordering portal for wireless devices and accessories
  • Customized online catalogues with approved devices and rate plans
  • Cost allocation and detailed reporting
  • Tailored work flows and ordering flows
  • Audit trails for compliance management
  • Documentation of transactional records and approval chains
  • Configurable user roles and permissions

You know your customers, and we know government telecom management. Contact Inseego to find out how you can leverage our DMS service to streamline and simplify ordering, fulfillment, and billing of mobile devices.

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