Henry Schein Animal Health UK, a national distributor of veterinary supplies, has teamed up with Ctrack, an Inseego company, to develop and implement an advanced telematics solution for its UK van fleet. Web-based tracking system Ctrack Online will be used across more than 100 delivery vehicles that operate nationwide to improve road safety, reduce fuel consumption and enhance transport planning.

Ctrack Online – combined with Driver ID, in-vehicle driver behaviour feedback and performance monitoring – will replace a legacy telematics system. The vehicle tracking solution will be used by Henry Schein as a planning tool for delivery schedules, so new customer orders can be incorporated in the most efficient manner possible. This will enable the company to optimise available resources, while keeping mileage to a minimum. In addition, Geo Zones will be placed around each customer location to create waypoints that trigger email alerts when a van arrives to confirm successful order completion.
Meanwhile, a driver performance indicator – using a green, yellow or red band for each driving exception with an overall score calculated for a simple ranking system – will allow Henry Schein to quickly and easily track and give feedback on employee performance. With each van fitted with a Driver ID in-vehicle reader, the company will be able to separate driver and vehicle data to better understand individual standards and identify areas of improvement. As a result, Henry Schein is planning to use the information to underpin an incentive scheme that rewards best practice in terms of safe and green driving.
Henry Schein will also take advantage of Ctrack Online’s Live Productivity Dashboard and Executive Dashboard to view and understand daily activity, as well as gain added operational insight and business intelligence. The Live Productivity Dashboard provides a real-time, colour-coded graphical representation of activity during the previous 24 hours in a single display, while the Executive Dashboard offers a detailed overview with drill down functionality to monitor key performance metrics and trends.

Rob Morris, Vice President of Operations at Henry Schein UK and Western Europe commented: “We are committed to having an efficient and safe delivery fleet. While we have been using vehicle tracking for some time, Ctrack Online offers higher levels usability and reporting capabilities that will ensure we can effectively monitor, measure and improve performance. Our aim is to continue providing the highest levels of service to our customers, while minimising environmental impact and protecting our staff and other road users.”

John Wisdom, European Managing Director of Ctrack said: “Ctrack Online offers a proven means of gaining added visibility and control over a fleet to achieve real performance improvements. As a result, an increasing number of businesses, such as Henry Schein Animal Health, are choosing our vehicle tracking system to better manage their vehicle operations to improve efficiency, enhance road safety, increase utilisation and boost customer service.”

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Ctrack, part of Inseego Corp. (Nasdaq: INSG), is a leading global software-as-a-service (SaaS) and big data company for vehicle tracking, fleet management and insurance telematics solutions. Our operations span six continents in over 55 countries, with more than 1 000 000 systems sold worldwide. With over 30 years’ experience, we have been keeping mobile assets of consumers, small and mid-sized businesses and large enterprises Always Visible – resulting in vehicle security, safer driving and more efficient fleet operations. We are committed to our vision of being an innovative global solutions provider, simply connecting people with information.