Win more opportunities through partnerships with Inseego’s sales team.

Register your deal for additional product discounts and increased pre-sale support.

We want to reward our resellers who promote Inseego’s Skyus IoT products. Each approved registration will be valid for a period of 90 days with renewal available. This opportunity is available only to authorized Inseego resellers.

How does Inseego’s Deal Registration Program work?

Deals valued at more than $10,000 can be registered. Deals valued at more than $25,000 receive increased engagement from the IoT sales team. Register your deal now and receive additional margin and pre-sales support.

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Details of the Deal Registration Program

  • Registration is for a specific forecastable opportunity, not an entire company.
  • Reseller must have proof of engagement with end customer (emails, notes, etc.)
  • Reseller must purchase from an authorized Inseego distributor.
  • Reseller agrees to keep Inseego updated on the deal progress and forecast.
  • If the deal involves a public end-user, registrant must have a contract vehicle already in place to fulfill the order.
  • Reseller must have written confirmation from the in order to verify that a registration was accepted.
  • Reselling partner must show progress in the opportunity.
  • Deal must be sourced by the reselling partner and is not the subject of a publicized RFP.