Inseego — SD-WAN + VeloCloud blog post #1:Why Inseego


How Inseego cellular solutions make SD-WAN more reliable

Inseego is not an SD-WAN (software-defined wide-area network) company. We don’t make SD-WAN products. But through our partnership with SD-WAN leader VeloCloud, now part of VMware, Inseego is helping this important technology become even more beneficial.

SD-WAN technology is invaluable for organizations that have far-flung branch offices, large campuses, or cloud-based multi-location operations such as kiosks or ATMs. Advantages of SD-WAN over traditional WAN include:

  • Simpler branch networking, from initial configuration to ongoing management
  • Improved performance of cloud-based applications running over both internet and MPLS telecommunications links
  • Greater agility in accessing cloud-based services and adding or altering branch and remote office connections
  • Lower costs, through less expensive hardware options and the ability to use various connection types to reduce ongoing bandwidth charges
  • Stronger security with built-in next-generation firewalls

In short, SD-WAN helps modern cloud-based organizations simplify the operation, reduce the cost, and boost the application performance of their branch office and remote networking.

So, what does Inseego add to the picture?

Our Skyus® DS and DS2 4G LTE modems are certified for use with VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud® offerings. This means that users of VMware SD-WAN products can:

  • Access LTE cellular links for failover or as a primary connection without having to trade off between ease of use and flexibility. Some SD-WAN vendors embed LTE modems directly into their offerings. This approach provides easy access to the LTE connection, but it reduces flexibility by locking users into that one LTE option. Other SD-WAN vendors support multiple third-party LTE modems, but leave it to the users to handle non-trivial issues such as certification and compatibility, which often involves juggling the selection and integration of a half-dozen different solutions.

The VMware + Inseego solution offers a middle-road option, in which organizations can access LTE services through the fully certified Inseego external modems, with a single part number and plug-and-play ease — without being locked into that option, as they would be with an embedded solution.

  • Enjoy high-performance cellular connectivity. Inseego Skyus DS2 LTE modems’ CAT6 technology yields data speeds up to 300 Mbps for high throughput and fast data transfer.
  • Gain instant and easy access to Inseego’s proven, hardened LTE modem technology. With more than 32 million cellular devices deployed — and counting — Inseego offers a 30-year proven track record with cellular devices. And unlike consumer-grade LTE modems, the Inseego Skyus DS and DS2 4G LTE modems are true enterprise-grade devices with industrial rating, enabling reliable connectivity and 24/7 uptime even in extreme thermal environments.
  • Achieve global reach. Inseego has a global footprint and experience with the carrier certification processes in all major markets worldwide.
  • Choose a cellular carrier and activate a data plan. Once your SIM is installed, you are ready to go. No need to load firmware or change out hardware.
  • Follow a clear path to advanced 5G technology. Inseego is already living in the 5G future, with commercial 5G products available now. As a result, Inseego offers all of today’s 4G LTE capabilities as well as a consistent, genuine roadmap to 5G.

The global SD-WAN market is projected to exceed $12 billion by 2023, according to ability to Quadrant Knowledge Solutions . The ability harness advanced LTE and other wireless capabilities is considered a key enabler for overall SD-WAN market growth.

With Inseego’s proven, advanced 4G LTE modems paired with VMware SD-WAN solutions, organizations can confidently apply this important technology to achieve their business goals.

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