Project Description

Inseego IoT Connect is IoT made simple. Accelerate your project, customize your management and insights needs and preferences, and do it all from one secure and IT friendly, user-friendly interface.

Secure, Scalable Deployment

Manage your deployment, and then some. Inseego’s IoT Connect device management platform brings thousands of IoT assets onto a simple, visual interface. The telco-grade cloud solution provides oversight across all your devices, regardless of distance. And the user-friendly interface makes it easy to recognize trends at a glance, empowering your team to make quicker decisions.

Enhanced visibility across all devices – with just one click.

The power of IoT Connect.

Designed to grow with you, not against you

Inseego’s cloud solution was designed to be as scalable as you need it to be. With IoT Connect, you have the ability to make dynamic changes to your deployment the moment that demand occurs. And the flexibility that ensures it works with various cellular technology options.

Manage hundreds to thousands of IoT assets and easily recognize trends, irregularities, and opportunities. Keep up with large-scale device analytics, connections, and widespread configurations. Troubleshoot assets in the field, all from one user-friendly platform.

Secure, remote connectivity made easy

Connect an entire deployment with peace of mind. IoT Connect provides carrier-grade security and support you can rely on. Identity theft the moment it occurs with geo-boundary alerts. And keep your security current with remote FOTA firmware upgrades.

Support Materials

IoT Connect Datasheet


IoT Connect User Guide