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Next Generation IoT Gateway

Carrier portability is easier now than ever! With the Skyus-X you can switch service providers with ease and analyze cellular usage remotely, giving you the pulse on your IoT investment.


  • Multi-carrier LTE connectivity, supporting all major US networks
  • Mobile WiFi connectivity, enabling multiple connected devices with up to 64 concurrent users
  • Active GPS for fleet monitoring and live tracking
  • Ethernet (2) LAN/WAN ports for simple, high speed connection of your devices
  • Proven reliability, with thousands of industry leading modules deployed worldwide
  • Rugged enough to operate in extreme temperatures
  • Load balancing and failover enabled with a second Skyus modem attached

Price: $899.00

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Product Description

Ideal for mobile environments, the Skyus-X is enabled with active GPS, broadcasts WiFi, and delivers uninterrupted live streaming. Support a range of connected devices through Ethernet ports and WiFi and configure load-balancing and failover for continuous connectivity.

The Skyus-X not only makes it easier than ever before to switch networks but magnifies your control with the power of Crossroads, an agnostic cloud-management platform to easily monitor your usage and configure your devices and networks remotely, from one platform.

Skyus-X Exploded View


  • Schedule carrier switch-over to increase your coverage and optimize data consumption
  • Native processing power for advanced IoT applications
  • Support live voice and video streaming, with customizable reporting to avoid fragmentation and delays
  • Advanced analytics to examine usage for each device —cumulative and granular moment-by-moment
  • Manage switch-over capability across a range of carriers
  • Remotely monitor, manage, and configure devices to avoid outages and maximize your up-time


  • Public Safety
  • Public, Private Transportation
  • Video Surveillance



Use Case: Law Enforcement