Current by GE and Inseego Light Up San Diego

“America’s Finest City” is also becoming the its smartest. That’s right. Our hometown of San Diego, California is home to the world’s largest smart city IoT sensor platform installation and it is enabled by us at Inseego in partnership with Current by GE. Imagine thousands of lights spread across a city. Smart street light systems do more than simply illuminate walk ways. The combination of digital networks and embedded sensors, provides information in real-time that can be used to monitor and respond to any circumstance that benefits the well-being of the community. San Diego deployed an initial rollout of 3,200 of these intelligent CityIQ™ sensor nodes that are designed to help optimize traffic and parking, enhance public safety and improve first responder deployments, environmental awareness and overall livability for the city of San Diego, CA. IoT applications, such as smart infrastructure and connected cities, require wireless technology. Period. Inseego’s Skyus IoT modems are purpose-built with security, rugged designs, flexible mounting options, extended operating temperatures, SIM flexibility and more, which deliver a reliable, robust connection that ensure municipalities keep their systems running 24/7. The scalability of the Skyus line offers large-scale, multi-geo support, which simplifies deployments across multiple cities worldwide. “We are excited to partner with GE’s Current business on such an innovative IoT use case and to help bring industrial internet to city applications,” said Ashish Sharma, EVP of IoT and Mobile Solutions at Inseego. “Since the early days of IoT, the industry has been talking about providing end-to-end visibility into city infrastructure. We are now making this a reality through an efficient and innovative deployment.” “Inseego’s Skyus DS 4G device solution fits really well with our Intelligent Cities Platform and provides a reliable and innovative solution. We are excited to collaborate with Inseego to connect these cities to industrial internet,” said Austin Ashe, General Manager, Intelligent Cities at Current, powered by GE.

Skyus DS Spec Sheet
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